Please note: another big change to the app concerns ticket sharing. Where this was previously possible through various channels, a completely adapted shipping structure has now been chosen. Read below how you can share tickets with friends.

You must take three conditions into account:

1. The person you are sending the ticket to must already have the Ticketmatic App on their phone. If that person does not yet have the Ticketmatic App, he can download it here for IOS or Android.

2. Send the ticket to the email address with which the person is logged in to the app.

3. Returning tickets can only be done by the person who was invited, so as a sender you can no longer retrieve the tickets yourself.

Forwarding your ticket:

1. In the app, click Send on the ticket.

2. You then enter the email address of the person you want to send the ticket to.

3. The person you sent the ticket to will immediately have the ticket in his/her app. The following will then appear in your app.