Only Secure Tickets are available for some events. In that case, tickets can only be downloaded via the Ticketmatic App. Read here how you can do that. We do not work with E-tickets or Hardcopy tickets at these events.

If you work via Secure Tickets, the QR code will only be visible in the app 2 hours before the start of the event. Until then you will see a QR code with a lock. For clarity, the app also shows the exact time at which the QR code becomes visible.

The QR code will become visible 2 hours before the start of the concert. The QR code you see in the app changes every 30 seconds. This means that a print screen of the app does not provide access. You really need the ticket in the app to gain access to the event.

Forwarding tickets to friends is still possible. Resale of tickets (or print screens of your ticket) is therefore not possible with this option.