1. Go to the event for which you want to order ticket(s).

2. Make a choice in rank (does not apply to every event) and the number of tickets you want to order. When you have made your choice, click next.

3. After you have made a choice in the number/type of tickets, you will arrive at the page for payment and delivery methods. Here you click on ''Use voucher''.

4. Enter the voucher code in the vacant field. You can find the voucher code on the back of your Ticketpoint gift card. When you have entered the voucher code, click OK.

5. When you click OK, your gift card will be redeemed. Does the ticket cost the same as the amount on your gift card? The amount at the bottom is €0.00. If the ticket is more expensive than the amount stated on your gift card, you can still pay the outstanding amount. If the ticket(s) are cheaper than the amount on your gift card, the remaining amount will remain on your Ticketpoint gift card.

6. Once you have completed the previously mentioned steps, you can proceed to the next step to complete the reservation.