Every KFPS member gets a discount by a unique personal vouchercode, these will be send to you by email.

Be aware:  The vouchercode is not the same as the member number.
                   The vouchercode iwill only work 1 time.

                   You will not be able to buy VIP seats with the vouchercode

How to buy the tickets?

1. Pick the date for the Friesian Proms

2. Choose which box you would like to sit in during Friesian Proms.

3. Choose which rank you want to be in and choose the number of places you want to book.

4. Choose the price type "25% off KFPS-leden" or "10% off KFPS-leden".

5. Enter your own unique personal vouchercode for each place

6. Add the places to your selection and continue further into the order module

You can also buy tickets for the stallion show with the vouchercode.